Capital cost

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Capital cost

The prime cost of construction, including acquisition of the land or existing structure, design, materials, equipment and erection or renovation.
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capital cost

The cost of acquiring a building, including any substantial improvements the building may require.
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Significantly, 85% of the capital cost for the Tiris Project has been sourced from direct supplier quotes.
In regard to the specific investment cost for each resource, capital cost of each source of capital must be multiplied by its corresponding weight, and then we collect the values obtained, the result is called the weighted average cost of capital:
The solution with the least capital cost would normally attain the highest score whilst the most expensive solution would receive the lowest score.
In a traditional commercial office lease, the way capital costs and operating expenses are allocated between landlord and tenants often provides a disincentive to the landlord to invest in energy savings initiatives.
The compression machines tend to be the higher capital cost machines, but can deliver the lowest operating and wear costs.
Improving productivity while minimizing capital cost and floorspace will be central themes of blow molding exhibits at NPE 2006.
Multiply that over a typical 250-day production year and the cost of ownership impact quickly minimizes capital cost differences.
Facilities Capital Cost of Money -- Outlines points to consider as you develop a pre-negotiation position for facilities capital cost of money (1.5 CLPs)
Section 13 of the Act includes a two-year rolling-start rule that defers the deduction of capital cost allowance claims for assets that require a long construction or development period.
Like many others, O'Brian considers the 100 per cent capital cost allowance tax write-off "ill-fated and ill-considered." He set out "deliberately" to make two pictures in that system, "I thought, 'I've gotta use this money before it's too late,"' he remembers.
There was no mention of the amounts of annual repayments to meet the private-finance initiative, nor the exact capital cost of the PFI.
There was a 2.1% decrease in the fuel index over the year, while the administration cost index went up by 5.1% and the capital cost index rose by 1.1%.

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