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because it's easier to count, it represents the interest on a capital value of one hundred an' twenty thousand-dollars.
With approximately US$11 billion under management, HMTF since 1989 has completed or currently has pending more than 400 transactions with a total capital value of approximately US$50 billion.
The trend was to regard land as having its own inherent capital value, almost regardless of the rental value, in net effective terms, of the finished product.
He has also served as Portfolio Manager of the Vanguard(R) Capital Value Fund since its inception in 2001.
As a result, short-term rent and capital value expectations in the retail sector have declined, according to the balance of surveyors.
Presiding over a meeting, ADC (revenue) Mohammad Shahid reviewed the recovery under different heads land revenue, water rate, agriculture income tax, capital value tax, withholding tax, etc.
2%, compared to -2,4% recorded in July, Capital value growth was recorded at -0.
KUWAIT, June 13 (KUNA) -- The capital value of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) reached this week about KD 27.
Yield shift also contributed to capital value growth, with values for all property increasing by 3.
The firm's global capital value indexes showed gains on both a quarterly and annual basis for all property types, Torto said.
2 percent for its annual prime rate of $263 per sqm or capital value at $3,659 per sqm compared to Singapore's 3.
HNWI from Muscat and Manama prefer Dubai to London; security and lifestyle offered top the list of drivers, while capital value growth and the emirate's perceived safe haven status top the list of factors influencing HNWI investments into Dubai