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a brilliant virtuoso instrumental piece with a free form, often implying whimsical alternation of episodes and moods.

Originally capricci were vocal pieces of the madrigal type, but at the turn of the 17th-century there appeared instrumental capricci that had a polyphonic texture and were close to the ricer-car, canzone, fantasia, and toccata. The 18th-century solo capricci were seemingly improvised cadences that gave the performer an opportunity to demonstrate the fertility of his imagination. Later the form moved closer to the etude in violin music (24 capricci by N. Paganini for violin solo, also known in piano adaptations by F. Liszt and R. Schumann); it also approached the “characteristic” piece for the clavier and the piano.

The 19th-century orchestral capricci usually had a strong na-tional flavor (Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio italien and Rimsky-Kor-sakov’s Capriccio espagnol).

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As a film, 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' will embody Professor Miyawaki's 85-year journey and work and evoke additional messages for the future.
What Hughes called his "indecision" may well have contributed to Assia's depression, but to assume further that in Birthday Letters and Capriccio, Hughes "linked the two suicides together, making each woman the cause of her rival's death," is to misinterpret his poetry, his intent in writing the sequences, and the archival material.
That is perhaps significant when one remembers that only one of De Macque's pieces is actually called `Toccata', even though along with the Capriccio sopra re fa mi sol recorded by Stembridge and Curtis, it is of the sort that most closely resembles the Frescobaldian toccata.
Close on the heels of Jonathan Miller's abysmal updating of Stravinsky's Rake's Progress at the Met comes the scarcely less misguided Capriccio, set by John Cox in the 1920s.
Existing customers will not only be able to drop in new workstations, but also add pagination using the Macintosh-based Capriccio or, through it, pagination on EdPage.
A CLASSICAL Concert by Capriccio EnsembleBack is taking place in the music hall at Ratcliffe College on Saturday, February 17, at 7.
39, written in 1974, and the Capriccio for Two Violins and Piano, Op.
Given its philosophical bent and comparative wordiness, Capriccio has been .
To play any one of Strauss's Capriccio Sextet, Brahms's B Flat Major Sextet and Tchaikovsky's Souvenirs de Florence at a single concert is an achievement, to play all three is a tour de force.
Mary returned to the Tucson area to care for her parents, playing in the Flagstaff Symphony, the Skyline Brass Quintet, Trio Capriccio, and in the Sirocco Wind Quintet.
Perspectives on rococo include the historical background, sanctuaries and faith, the capriccio, the nude and eroticism, fashion, porcelain and chinoiserie, Arcadia, and etchings.