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In last month's essay we met three of them: Capricornus, the SeaGoat; Aquarius, the Water Pourer; and Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish.
Capricornus's harmonic language "stands at the threshold of traditional tonal writing" (p.
What about the eastern end of Capricornus? Here we find, just a few degrees apart, Delta ([delta]) Capricorni (Deneb Algedi) and Gamma ([gamma]) Capricorni (Nashira).
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: TAMINO (3.05 Lingfield) KLONDYKE MARY HELEN (2.05 Lingfield) CAPRICORNUS (3.35 Lingfield) MAGGIE KATE (4.05 Lingfield) POT LUCK Lingfield placepot 1.35 - 7; 2.05 - 3; 2.35 -8; 3.05 - 6, 8; 3.35 - 1, 3; 4.05 - 3, 10.
Uranus and Neptune are both morning objects in the constellation of Aquarius and Capricornus respectively.
Campfire-colored Mars starts November in the vicinity of the two fairly bright stars at the eastern tip of Capricornus, Delta (S) and Gamma (7) Capricorni.
IN LAST MONTH'S essay we met two constellations of autumn: Capricornus the Sea-Goat and Aquarius the Water Carrier.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Moghaayer, 2.40 Capricornus, 3.15 Presenting Forever (nb), 3.50 Lidar, 4.25 Kawa, 5.00 Lake Legend, 5.35 Silk Drum.
Fanning completed his double when riding 1-5 shot Duellist to an easy six-length win in the maiden, but Fanning and Johnston met a reverse in the 7f handicap when 4-6 shot Capricornus could manage only fourth of five behind 10-1 shot Cuthbert, who scored for trainer William Jarvis and jockey Paul Hanagan.
Uranus and Neptune may be found close to the full moon around the 18th - 20th but whereas Uranus is still a morning object in Aquarius, Neptune is at opposition on the 8th (opposite side of the Earth from the sun) and so moves into the evening sky in the constellation of Capricornus. Both may be viewed through binoculars with Uranus appearing slightly greener than the more bluish Neptune.
Capricornus is certainly not a very bright constellation, nor one with a lot of notable deep-sky objects within its bounds.
The application, by NR Capricornus LLP, is for the site at Renshaw Hall on Benson Street and Oldham Place - between Mount Pleasant and Renshaw Street.