Brady Day

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Brady (Captain Samuel) Day

Second week in July
The body of water that is the focal point of the village of Brady Lake, Ohio, has more than aesthetic value to the residents. Captain Samuel Brady, an American frontiersman who fought in the Revolutionary War, was a scout in what was then called the Northwest Territory. He escaped a group of Wyandotte Indians by hiding under the surface of the lake and breathing through a hollow reed. The importance of this event is reflected in the fact that both the community and the lake were named after Captain Brady, and every summer (on a date that has not yet been firmly fixed), the escape is reenacted on the shores of the lake.
When the level of Brady Lake began to drop suddenly in the late 1970s, the residents pulled together to deal with the problems triggered by the water shortage rather than trying to sell their homes in anticipation of falling real estate values. The Captain Brady Day celebration has become an important unifying event for the people of Brady Lake, who view the lake as a symbol of their solidarity and peaceful way of life.
Village of Brady Lake
6500 Lakeview Dr.
Brady Lake, OH 44211
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