Carême, Maurice

Carême, Maurice


Born May 12, 1899, in Wavre. Belgian poet; writes in French.

Carême began publishing in the mid-1920’s with the collection of verses The Mansion (1926). Originally a teacher, he has devoted himself to literature since 1943. Pastoral scenes of his homeland, philosophical meditations, opposition to war, and love are Carême’s favorite themes. He also writes poetry and tales for children, fables, and parables and translates poetry. Several of his poems have links with folk songs and ballads. Carême has a life-affirming world view.


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Le sablier. Brussels, 1969.
In Russian translation:
[“Stikhi.”] In the collection Stikhi bel’giiskikh poetov. Moscow, 1959.
[“Stikhi.”] In the collection Iz sovremennoi beVgiiskoi poezii. Moscow, 1965.
Stikhi dlia detei. Moscow, 1967.


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