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Gantry Plaza State Park also features centerpieces of restored gantries, which were once used to load and unload rail car floats and barges.
PAIN: Mum waits for news DELUGE: Car floats in river, top, a crushed camper van, left, and devastation at the campsite, right
What I don't get is why, whenever I'm standing on a crowded train and someone in the car floats an air biscuit, I always feel a number of accusing eyes on me.
The log car floated through a pitch-black hole in the side of the building.
While the car floats serenely down the road, it's difficult to believe it will be firm and responsive enough to make it worth pushing it through some quick bends.
"Miraculously, the car floated some 15 metres across the water and bumped into a foot-high wooden landing stage on the other side.
All you need to do is to register with them and buy a ticket, corresponding to the value of the car floated online.
The car floated on the stream for several yards in Knoxville, Tennessee.
That would be if the late great St Swithin had the power to control the weather, but I fear that as you read this on Wednesday you'll balefully look out of the window as next door's car floats past shortly followed by the dog kennel with a perplexed hound peering out.
It works a treat and the car floats over poor road surfaces with all the composure of a much bigger motor.