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parking lot, car park

An area set aside for parking motor vehicles. The net area of a parking facility is the area devoted to parking places and circulation aisles. In a multi-story parking facility the gross area also includes the building’s service cores and exit stairs.
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The 35 car parks in Solihull that have met these standards means there are an impressive 23,338 car parking spaces available in the town that are safe to use.
Hambleton: There will be no charge in all district council operated car parks every Thursday in December and each day from Christmas Day until January 1.
OUR SAY: PAGE 22 WORLD'S COOLEST CAR PARKS 2013 | Millennium Point, Birmingham.
Last night a spokesman for the festival said: "The weather forecast for tomorrow is good and therefore we hope the car parks around the festival will be open as normal.
In a command economy, the provision that obliges car park owners to submit the rates they plan to charge to the municipal authorities for approval would have been understandable.
Nationally, there are 475 car-related thefts per 100,000 cars per day parked in public car parks.
When set against the [pounds sterling]244,420 Cheshire East spent on maintaining and improving Crewe car parks, that left the council with a healthy profit of [pounds sterling]625,023.
A spokeswoman for the health board said it will be reviewing who is using and being given permits for the essential car parks.
In Brighouse, users of Daisy Street car park face a 20p per hour rise from 40p to 60p, an increase likely to raise an extra PS19,340 for the council, and those using Commercial Street, Bethel Street and Parsonage Lane car parks will see a rise from 60p to 70p per hour, which should raise an additional PS20,737.
The ten highest-earning car parks were also revealed, and saw Birkenhead's Europa Square car park emerge as the site bringing in the most income.