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(kär'əkär`ə): see falconfalcon,
common name for members of the Falconidae, a heterogeneous family of long-winged birds of prey similar to the hawks but genetically more closely related to the parrots and other birds.
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the common name for birds of the subfamily Daptriinae, family Falconidae, order of diurnal birds of prey. In contrast to the true falcon, the caracara lacks a tooth on the upper beak and has naked cheeks and throat (sometimes sparsely covered with feathers). It has blunt wings, a long crop, and weak claws. It flies rather poorly but runs well; therefore it tends to stay on the ground.

Carnearas are insectivorous or omnivorous and frequentlyfeed on carrion. They are found in America from the southernUSA to Tierra del Fuego. There are four genera with nine spe-cies. The common caracara, or carancha (Polyborus planeas), isabout 70 cm long; its back is dark brown with lighter crossstripes, and its head is crested. It lives in open level terrain andnests in bushes. It lays two to three eggs in a clutch, which areincubated for 28 days.

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And anyone who has visited the centre in the past 20 years will be familiar with its most famous caracara Stanley, who takes part in flying displays.
Kirkleatham Owl Centre's new baby bird, a caracara, which staff have named Lilly 260716MGACARA_02 KATIE LUNN
In this note, we present two observations of the crested Caracara preying on the snowy egret and eared grebe during winter in the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula.
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Then we study individual caracaras more closely on the ground.
Caracaras eat carrion in the form of animals that have been killed by cars, and some drivers do not seem to care about slowing down to avoid hitting a caracara that is feeding in or at the edge of the road.
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En los valles Jallq'a tambien se encuentran colonos de los grupos del altiplano --Tinkipaya y hasta del Killaka y Karanqa altiplanicos-- mezclados con campesino vallunos de Caracara o de Moromoro en una formacion que tambien la llaman chaxru.