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(kərăk`təkəs) or


(kərăd`ək), fl. A.D. 50, British king; son of Cymbeline. After the Roman invasion of A.D. 43, he led British resistance until defeated in A.D. 50. He was captured and taken to Rome. Emperor Claudius, admiring his courage, spared his life.
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, Caractacus, Caradoc
died ?54 ad, British chieftain: led an unsuccessful resistance against the Romans (43--50)
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Caractacus and Agricola are the only names from Roman history whom Eleanor mentions, the former a British chieftain, the latter a Roman governor.
Carrie is currently playing the role of Truly Scrumptious during the UK tour, but at the age of nine she originated the role of Jemima Potts in the first West End production on stage with Michael Ball playing her dad, the whacky inventor Caractacus Potts.
Jason, who plays wacky inventor Caractacus Potts in the family show, was perplexed to find that his name was spelled 'Mamford' and not Manford on what appears to be the sign for his dressing room door.
With help from his consultant, six-year-old son Barney, the real world Caractacus Potts hopes to challenge all perceived wisdom, tip the world upside-down and reinvent the way we look at life starting with designing a floating house to beat the floods.
We sent Cool Cascade and King Caractacus to the races but unfortunately neither of them finished their races.
Al and Lexie's ultimate mission is revealed when the old man Caractacus tells them of the Word Hunters and the quest to rescue words from extinction.
Aled has played Joseph in Andrew Lloyd Webber''s Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat and last year performed as Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Welsh Millennium Centre.
Easington-born Blue Peter presenter Matt Baker played their inventor father, Caractacus, and there seemed to be genuine fondness between him and the children, as well as Grandpa Potts, played by Tony Adams.
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Michael Ball, who plays inventor Caractacus Potts in the musical, said: "It was great to meet Charlotte - she is a lovely little girl, very happy and very strong."
Cardington is to the east of Church Stretton and is close to Caer Caradoc, which had a hill fort on top believed to be one of the fortresses of Caractacus who fought the Romans in the county.