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Our team has already begun drilling some promising new targets identified over a 3.5 km strike eastward from Percival, including the newest target, Caradoc, located 1.3 km east of the eastern-most Percival hole.'
On Tuesday, DI Will Jones said: "We are still trying to establish the circumstances and are appealing to anyone who may have seen or heard anything in the Caradoc Road area in the early hours to contact us."
Caradoc, one of seven children, was born at 37 Oxford Street, Pontycymmer in 1893 to Samuel, a hairdresser, and Elizabeth Williams.
Clare Neale, 36, of Caradoc Close, Henley Green, admitted stealing fragrances worth PS94 from Asda.
Caradoc provides much of the drama as he sets out to revenge his mother, the dark fairy - with both roles taken by the imposing Adam Maskell.
The menace he put into steps was incredible and as Caradoc he cast a wonderful malevolent shadow over proceedings.
Ever since the publication of Caradoc Evans' wildly pejorative collection of short stories, My People (1915), the view that Welsh nonconformity was repressive, inward-looking, and unhealthily world-denying has gone largely unchallenged.
So it was with fear and trepidation that I agreed to put myself through it again for Caradoc WI in Church Stretton.
The elevated situation of the house offers excellent views of Caer Caradoc and other local hills, particularly from the high landscaped terrace.
Turner left two shares of Huron and Erie Savings and Loan Society, valued at $200, to North Caradoc Church through his estate as an endowed gift for the church.
Bailey, of Caradoc Road, Llandudno, closed the rear doors when that work was finished, he alleged, but failed to close them properly.
In the midst of this, the Shining Ones have a new task for Branwen: find the relic holding the wind god Caradoc prisoner and return it to Merion of the Stones.