Caramanlis, Constantine

Caramanlis, Constantine:

see Karamanlis, ConstantineKaramanlis, or Caramanlis, Constantine
, 1907–98, president of Greece (1980–85, 1990–95), b. Turkish Macedonia.
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Caramanlis, Constantine


(Konstantinos Karaman-lis). Born Feb. 23, 1907, in the city of Proti. Greek statesman and politician.

By training, Caramanlis is a lawyer. In 1935–36 and again in 1946, he was elected to parliament from the Populist (monarchist) Party. Between 1946 and 1955 he occupied a number of ministerial posts. In August 1951 he joined the Greek Rally, the party of the big industrial and financial bourgeoisie. In January 1956 he reorganized the National Rally as the National Radical Union. During the years 1955–58, 1958–61, and 1961–63, Caramanlis was prime minister of Greece. The domestic policy of his government was noted for the suppression of democratic freedoms and the persecution of progressive forces. Under his rule Greece became more dependent economically and politically on the USA and further subordinated to the interests of NATO. Under pressure from the masses, Caramanlis resigned in June 1963 and emigrated to France.

When the military dictatorship collapsed in July 1974, Car-manlis became prime minister in the interim government. InSeptember 1974 he reconstituted the National Radical Union asthe New Democracy Party, with himself as leader of the party.On Nov. 21, 1974, Caramanlis became prime minister of thereorganized Greek government.