an administrative district in southwest Ru-mania, in the Banat Mountains. Area, 8, 500 sq km. Population, 366, 300 (1970). Administrative center, Re§i{a. The district ac-counts for 2.7 percent of the total industrial production and 1.1percent of the agricultural output of the country. Industry in-cludes heavy metallurgy and machine building (Re§i{a, Ojelul-Rosu, Boc§a), woodworking (Caransebe§), and food processing.Iron ore (Ocna-de-Fier and copper ore (Moldova-Noua) are alsomined. The leading agricultural crops include corn, wheat, potatoes, and curly flax. There are numerous orchards in thefoothills of the mountains. Livestock in Cara§-Severin numbered (1971) approximately 84, 000 cattle, 35, 000 hogs, and 269, 000sheep. The balneological health resort of Băile-HerCulane, whosesprings were used by the ancient Romans, is located 40 km northof Turnu-Severin.

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Contract award notice: Extruded feed for trout - ds caras-severin
Elena Tarla, an Emergency Situations spokeswoman for Caras-Severin County, says the storm ripped out trees and downed power lines.
Less than a half of the dwellings are counted in the first region for Dolj county in 2007, and more than a half of the dwellings are considered for Caras-Severin in the second region in the same year.
In this sense, the subjects were 3 placement centers from Caras-Severin county, namely: "Hope" Placement Center in Resita, "Apartment" Placement Center in Resita, "Our House" Placement Center in Zagujeni.
The research strategy will underpin the expansion of telework in the Caras-Severin County.
Bucharest (Romania), May 16 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered, in southeastern county of Caras-Severin in Romania, a complex structure estimated to be 2,000 years old belonging to Emperor Trajan of the Roman empire.
West region includes Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, and Timis counties.
This is an initial research study to determine the needs of people without a job, unemployment agencies existing evidence in order to implement Teleworking strategy in Caras-Severin.
the Banat region, covering the Timis and Caras-Severin counties follows the same trend as the national regions.
00 meters ster Lot 8 Timis, Hunedoara, Caras-Severin, Arad - 788.
In this context we have carried out a research in the purpose of knowing the opinions of business people from the Caras-Severin County on two of the most controversial issues in the field of CSR: transparency in the policies of CSR and credibility of the companies that carry out social programs.