Constantin Carathéodory

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Carathéodory, Constantin


Born Sept. 13, 1873, in Berlin; died Feb. 2, 1950, in Munich. German mathematician.

Carathéodory graduated from the Belgian Military Academy in 1895 and studied mathematics in Berlin and Göttingen. He became a professor of the university in Munich in 1924. Carathéodory is the author of works on the theory of conformal mappings, the general theory of set measure, and a new formulation of the theory of the field of extremals (in the calculus of variations). In 1909 he gave a logically precise axiomatic formulation of the laws of thermodynamics.


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where [[absolute value of (u)].sub.p,[OMEGA]] = [([[integral[].sub.[OMEGA]] [[absolute value of (u)].sup.p] dx).sup.1/p], 1 [less than or equal to] p < + [infinity], [D.sub.K]([OMEGA]) [??] [D.sub.k]([OMEGA]) x [D.sub.K]([OMEGA]), endowed with norm [mathematical expression not reproducible], and G(x, s, t) is a nonnegative Caratheodory function from [OMEGA] x R x R to R; namely,
and we show that it is derived from the empirical version of Caratheodory function, used in the literature on orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle.
where h [member of] [L.sup.1] (0,2[pi]) is given and g : (0,2[pi]) x R [right arrow] R is a Caratheodory function; that is, g(x, u) is continuous in u e R, for a.e.
We say that a function f(([t.sub.1], ..., [t.sub.N]), x([t.sub.1], ..., [t.sub.N])) = f : J x S [right arrow] R satisfies Caratheodory conditions if it is measurable in ([t.sub.1], ..., [t.sub.N]) for any x [member of] S and is continuous in x for almost all ([t.sub.1], ..., [t.sub.N]) [member of] J.
Suppose that A : [J.sub.0] x [X.sub.[mu]-1/p,p] [right arrow] B([X.sub.1], X) is a continuous map, F : [J.sub.0] x [X.sub.[mu]-1/p,p] [right arrow] X is a Caratheodory map, and [u.sub.0] [member of] [X.sub.[mu]-1/p,p].
Later, we also consider non-Jordan domains D, where the boundary is to be understood in the sense of the Caratheodory boundary extension theorem.
His research was elegant in the sense that it was based on a thorough understanding of classical mathematics, physics, and thermodynamics, following such great scientists as George Hadley (1685-1768), William Ferrei (1817-1891), Sir Napier Shaw (1854-1945), Constantin Caratheodory (1873-1950), Eric Eady (1915-1966), Edward Lorenz (1917-2008), and others.
Geometrical thermodynamic method was started by Gibbs and Caratheodory [77].
where m is a positive function [1] or sign-changing function [2] on [0, 1], g : [0, 1] x [R.sup.2] [right arrow] R satisfies the Caratheodory condition, and g(t, 0, [mu]) [equivalent to] 0.
where E is a real Banach space, A : D(A) [subset] E [right arrow] [2.sup.E] is an m-accretive operator such that--A generates a compact semigroup, F : [0, T] X C([-r, 0]; E) [right arrow] E is a Caratheodory function, r [greater than or equal to] 0 and C([-r, 0]; E) stands for the space of all continuous functions from [-r, 0] to E
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The first part was proved by Caratheodory [3] and the second part can be found in [15].