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caravansary, caravanserai

interior of a caravansary
1.In the middle east, a building or inn for the overnight lodging of travelers by caravan; usually enclosed by a solid wall and entered through a large gate.
2. By extension, any large inn or hotel.
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He also endowed all the immovable property/one shop located outside the Kabul fortress and near to the caravansarai and the "royal" public bath.
Despite the enormous size of the historical period and geographical region covered in this book, Hillenbrand eschews a traditional chronological or dynastic approach, opting for a broadly typological one in which the monuments are grouped under the following chapter heads: "The Mosque," "The Minaret," "The Madrasa," "The Mausoleum," "The Caravansarai," and "The Palace." Within these chapters, monuments are grouped geographically and then chronologically within each geographical subheading.
Such typological variation is equally evident in the mausoleum and the caravansarai and somewhat less so in the madrasa and the minaret.