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A rifle of short length and light weight.



a short, lightweight rifle. The precursor of the carbine was invented at the end of the 15th century. From the 18th century through the first half of the 20th century it was included in the armament of the cavalry and artillery. After World War I1 (193945) the improved automatic carbine became part of the armament of most armies. Certain hunting rifles are also called carbines. [I 1–1 102–31

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What hurt the carbine for many shooters is that the stock was designed too long.
Personally, my WWII firearms collection contains two M1 rifles--one each from Springfield and Winchester--one Winchester M1 carbine and one by Saginaw Steering Gear dropped into a reproduction M1A1 stock, and one Savage-made M1 SMG.
The sight adjusts for both windage and elevation and it does so in the same way the M1 Carbine firearm sight adjusts.
carbine serial number shall be one hundred percent (100%) traceable per requirements by
The Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, did not justify the requirement for a new carbine .
The army is looking to buy 40,000 carbines and evaluated guns from Colt, Beretta, IWI and SIG Sauer.
mil) over the next several months that discuss the concepts inherently tied to issues of weapon selection along with deeper dives on the M4 improvements and the carbine competition itself.
The military will dispose of all its M1s but will keep about 640,000 carbines for reserve forces, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper said.
The entire arsenal of VBSS weapons has been overhauled, which means there is continued confidence in their primary assault carbine.
THE M-4 carbine is the Army's primary combat rifle for infantry, ranger and special-operations forces.
This first volume in the 'Classic American Small Arms at War' series deserves a spot in any authoritative military history library collection: it reflects the author's love affair with the M1 carbine and packs vintage black and white war photos from the US National Archives on every page as it cover the carbine in action during WWII and in Korea.
62 x 39 mm SKS Carbine, Arms and Militaria Press, PO Box 80, Labrador, Qld 4215, 2004, ISBN 0-949749-61-3, pb, 36 pp.