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Key Companies InterFocus Ltd., Carbolite Gero Limited, JIM Engineering Ltd, SciQuip, Terra Universal.
The samples were later ashed at 600 degrees Celsius for 5 hours in carbolite muffle furnace, then cooled to room temperature.
Percentage crude protein was analyzed by protein analyzer (Inkjel M Behr Labor-Technik), lipids by solvent extraction unit (KB 8 Gerhardt Bonn), ash by using muffle furnace (Carbolite CWF 1200), moisture by oven (memmert GmbH + Co.
Naim Audio, a leading specialist in high-end hi-fi equipment, says it has installed a CARBOLITE GP oven to provide precisely controlled heat-treatment procedures on the cables used in its systems.
Thermostabilized fibers were carbonized in nitrogen atmosphere in a tube furnace (Carbolite, 1200[degrees]C, G-range).
The samples were dried and degassed in a Carbolite tube furnace under nitrogen atmosphere at 180[degrees]C for 4 hours to remove crystallized and physisorbed water molecules.
In order to get a good structure, the films were annealed using furnace tube (Carbolite, CTF 12/75/700) at 700[degrees]C.
Calculation of the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalts (HMAs) used for in road surfacing is simplified with an analyser developed by Carbolite and demonstrated for the first time in Europe at the Achema exhibition in June.
They include a black 2010 Giant Anthem X3, a red 2010 Giant Anthem X1, a black Santa Cruz Heckler, an On-One Inbread, a Koga Carbolite, a Koga Signature Roadbike, a Koga Crosswinner, a small white Giant Anthem X4, an unbranded silver custom-made hardtail and a Trek 6300 MTB.
Detectives want to hear from anyone who has been offered any of these bikes, which are unique and of high specification: 2010 Giant Anthem X3, Large, Black; 2010 Giant Anthem X1, Large, Red; SantaCruz Heckler, Large, Anodized Black; On-One Inbread, 20 built with Alfine Hub Gear; Koga Carbolite; Koga Signature Roadbike; Koga Crosswinner; Giant Anthem X4, White, Small; Custom Hardtail, Unbranded Silver 15 Aluminium Frame; Trek 6300 MTB, Small Frame, Bar bag mount.