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Tokyo, Jan 6, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - The Russian government issued the carbon credits generated from the JI project to recover and utilize flare gas from the Yety Purovskoe Oilfield.
Islamabad, Jan 2 (ANI): Pakistan has decided to challenge a UN agency's decision to grant carbon credits to India on a controversial hydropower project in the international court of arbitration.
The regulator has suggested a system of carbon credits for the telecom sector.
Dubai The first carbon trading centre in the Middle East based in Dubai plans to offset five million tonnes of carbon annually by selling carbon credits on the international market, said one of its stakeholders.
I'm a skeptic about the zero-carbon concept and, in particular, about moving toward that by buying carbon credits.
The carbon credit was generated through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by producing electricity from wind power instead of fossil fuels, announced the company as cited by Market Watch.
CORUS bosses have repeated claims that carbon credits will form part of a deal struck on the sale of its Teesside Cast Products plant, as a report says the company had one of the highest surpluses of carbon allowances in Europe.
For companies that are obliged by EU law to buy carbon credits to comply with emissions targets, government-led carbon credit recycling means they risk buying a worthless asset," ICIS Heren said.
To achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emission by 87 million metric tons, the Executive Yuan has mapped out multiple channels, each assigned with a emission-reduction quota, including the development of clean energies, energy conservation, purchase of carbon credit offshore, forestation, levy of energy tax, carbon-credit trading, encouragement of private power plants, and encouragement of green buildings.
As Tony McDaid, practice director at No5 Chambers explained: "Whilst the Treasury has reacted quickly to clamp down on carbon credit fraud, the extent of its potential financial damage to date is yet to be fully realised, with only the first arrests in the UK arising last month.
The carbon credit registry TZ1 has expanded to more than 180 customers, including investment banks, carbon traders, and project managers, since its launch in April 2008.
Just over a year ago, Kohler, the co-founder and chief executive of Carbon Re, was closing in on financing to shift his brokerage into a direct insurer for the carbon credit market.