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(organic chemistry)
CHF3 A colorless, nonflammable gas, boiling point 84°C at 1 atmosphere (101,325 pascals), freezing point 160°C at 1 atmosphere; used in refrigeration and as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Also known as propellant 23; refrigerant 23; trifluoromethane.
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(trifluoromethane), CHF3, a colorless gas, with a boiling point of –82.5°C. Unlike chloroform, fluoroform is an inert compound; for example, it is resistant to the action of alkalies. It is prepared from chloroform by an exchange reaction with SbF3 or HF or from chlorotrifluoromethane (Freon-13) and H2, as well as by other methods. It is used as a refrigerant.

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