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(organic chemistry)
Addition of a carboxyl group into a molecule.



the direct introduction of the carboxyl group —COOH to organic compounds by the action of CO2. For example, carboxylation of organometallic compounds occurs during the passage of CO2 through a solution of the compound; subsequent hydrolysis yields carboxylic acid:

Salicylic acid and ^-aminosalicylic acid (PASA), used in medicine, are obtained through a singular carboxylation process involving the corresponding phenolates, for example

Carboxylation in an organism is effected by specific enzymes, forexample, pyruvate carboxylase catalyzes the carboxylation ofpyruvic acid. Carboxylation plays an important role in the oxida-tion of intermediate products of the decomposition of carbohy-drates, fats, and proteins in the organism.

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