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(1) Saturation of the surface layer of steel articles with carbon to increase hardness and wear resistance (after quenching and tempering); the same as case hardening.

(2) Introduction of carbon (in the form of carbon-containing materials) into the molten steel produced in a steel-smelting plant to raise the carbon content to a specified level.

(3) Addition of carbon-containing materials to the charge during steel smelting by the carburization process for scrap.

(4) Formation of iron carbide, Fe3C, during blast-furnace smelting; it begins immediately after the reduction of iron oxides.

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From Figure 3(b), the plate treated by carburization or nitridation has lower wear coefficient compared to the non-treated cases shown in Figure 3(a).
The major influencing parameters in carburization are the holding time, carburizing temperature, carbon potential and the quench time in oil as reported by Shewmon [18].
Perhaps the characterization t[bar{i}]ksnadh[bar{a}]ra, "having a sharp edge," applied to an (ayasmaya) [acute{s}]astra from time to time (e.g., MBh 1.29.2; 6.78.31; 7.31.2; etc.), does show an awareness of the smith's practical knowledge that higher carburization of a weapon's cutting edge (i.e., its transformation from iron to steel) makes a critical difference in the weapon's value.
When austenitizing, care must be taken to avoid carburization or decarburization by carefully monitoring the heat-treating atmosphere.
The process takes about 20 seconds, a significant reduction from four- to 10-hour carburization process of old.
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