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Therefore, the optimal NbC solubility product in Nb-added carburizing steel was examined.
In order to ensure hardness after carburizing, hardenability is required in carburizing steel.
A new carburizing steel was developed by integrating several metallurgical technologies, making it possible to omit annealing before cold forging and normalizing before carburizing simultaneously.
The second work measures the precipitation of Copper in 18CrNiMo7-6 martensitic carburizing steel.
Total quantity or scope: The framework agreement provides for the acquisition by UM 01394 of 62 batches of products - steel / table (steel, carburizing steel, bronze bar, OL pipe, square pipe, corrugated, angle-profile) and auto paint (alkyd resin, melamine, primer, thinner, white spirit) - used in the production of material goods and maintenance of military equipment, according to the min.