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The 32-bit version of the PCMCIA (PC Card) bus.

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The second generation of the PC Card, which increased channel width from 16 to 32 bits. See PC Card.
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* 2.4/5 GHz draft 802.11n cardbus reference design (BCM94321CB2) -- can be used to manufacture after-market client cards.
The P620 is packed with a host of standard I/O interfaces, including four USB 2.0 ports, a CardBus interface (two type-II or one type-III device), two FireWire 1394-B ports (800Mbit/ sec), two serial ports, and 20 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) lines.
We have COTS hardware and software solutions for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC and CardBus, with a large, growing list of I/O options, including 1.5 GHz A/D, 105 MHz A/D, Fiber Optic G-Link, FiberChannel, Ethernet, WSDP(tm), and FPDP, all using the latest Xilinx Virtex II and/or Virtex E FPGAs.
The ExpressCard standard builds on the success of the PC Card Standard, including the 16-bit PC Card and the popular CardBus PC Card.
A Cardbus card slot at the top of the unit's housing enables wireless cards to be inserted for immediate WLAN use.
The mini-PCI/ Cardbus interface is an ideal expansion bus supporting seamless wireless networking using Broadcom's 54g 802.11 WLAN solutions with SecureEZSetup technology.
These InGaP HBT power amplifiers are for portable 802.11a/b/g wireless local area network applications that include cardbus, mini-PCI and access point products.
* Buffalo AirStation's wireless broadband router (WBR-G54) and CardBus adapter (WLI-CB-G54):; (800) 456-9799.
At the time this article went to press, it had only certified one dual-band (802.11b and 802.11a) product, the Atheros AR5001 X CardBus Reference Design Board/AR5BCB-00022A.
The new drivers are available to download from the Madge Networks website at and support Madge's Smart Mk4 PCI family, RapidFire 3140 PCI family, and the Smart CardBus MKII Token Ring adapters.
All five Satellite notebook models feature PC133 memory size from 256 MB to 512 MB, 20Gbytes primary hard disk, 3.5" floppy drive, TFT display panels ranging from 13.3" to 15" depending on the model, DVD-ROM drive with optional CDRW (for Satellite 1805-S274), expansion slots for PC Card or 32-bit Cardbus, 3D Sound with MIDI support, and a rich set of I/O ports such as dual USB connections, RJ-45 for LAN, composite TV out, parallel and serial ports, and much more.