Cardiac Massage

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cardiac massage

[′kärd·ē‚ak mə′säzh]
Rhythmic compression of the heart by a physician or other person in the effort to maintain effective circulation following heart failure.

Cardiac Massage


in cases of cardiac arrest, a method of resuscitation involving the rhythmic compression of the heart.

There are two types of cardiac massage—open and closed. Open cardiac massage is performed surgically, through an opening in the chest wall. In closed cardiac massage, which is a form of emergency first aid, both hands are used to apply rhythmic pressure to the victim’s chest. One palm is placed over the other, and the arms are kept straightened at the elbows. The full body weight is used to press down. The victim should be on his back on a hard surface, and 50 to 60 compressions should be applied every minute. The index and middle fingers are used to administer closed cardiac massage on newborns and infants, whereas one hand is used for children up to approximately 12 years of age.

At each compression of the heart, blood enters the vessels of the systemic and pulmonary circulation systems. The heart fills with blood from the major veins when pressure is released. Cardiac massage reinstates circulation and maintains the vital functions of the body. It stimulates the activity of the cardiac muscle and helps restore independent cardiac contractility. Artificial respiration is administered with cardiac massage.


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