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/keir'weir/ (Or "charityware") Shareware for which either the author suggests that some payment be made to a nominated charity or a levy directed to charity is included on top of the distribution charge.

Compare crippleware.
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Software that is available free of charge but that encourages the user to make a monetary donation to a particular charity. For example, the VIM text editor asks people to donate to orphans in Uganda. Also called "helpware," "goodware" and "careware." See VIM.
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There are several variations-"careware" or "charityware," where the author requests some donation to a favorite worthy cause; "crippleware," which is either time-limited or deliberately has some key functionality left out of the software in order to entice the user to pay; "guiltware," where the user is beseeched with exhortations about how hard the author worked on the program and deserves financial recompense in the form of your payment; "nagware," which usually displays a large screen at the beginning or end reminding you to register, typically requiring some sort of keystroke to continue so you can't use the software in batch mode; and "postcardware," in which the author asks you to send him a postcard in exchange for continued use of the software.
PhD, is founder and board chair of Point of CareWare, a technology company based in Bellevue.
CareWare Software Systems has seen a 1,500 per cent increase in gross revenues over the past three years, a growth from $48,000 to $800,000.
After dabbling in restaurant and clothing industries, Brownstone joined CareWare as an employee for a year and became a partner and vice-president in August of 1996.
CareWare is Windows-based integrated management software.
CareWare can be used by clinics to market themselves to insurance companies for coverage.
Lynette Jones, RN, PhD, is founder and board chair of Point of CareWare, a technology company based in Bellevue, Washington.