Carey, William

Carey, William,

1761–1834, English Baptist missionary and Orientalist, one of the first Protestant missionaries to India. He helped found the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792 and shortly thereafter went to India. Carey did most of the work in publishing the Bible in many Indian vernaculars. He wrote grammars of the vernaculars and several dictionaries. He became a professor of Sanskrit at Fort William College, Calcutta (now Kolkata).


See biographies by S. P. Carey (8th ed. rev. 1934) and W. B. Davis (1963).

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Carey, William

Philip’s penny-pinching, smugly religious uncle. [Br. Lit.: Magill I, 670–672]
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Front row (from left): Tom Ennis, John Synnott, John Murphy, William Donovan, Joe Joyce, Josie Synnott, Jack Carey, William Robbins, Stephen Synnott, Tom Fitzgerald
All of the family were badly affected by William and Mary's deaths - but for Michael's brother Anthony Carey, William's uncle, the loss was particularly painful.
"Serampore Trio" is the popular, shorthand term used by mission promoters and historians to refer to the close partnership of William Carey, William Ward, and Joshua Marshman, who codirected the Serampore Mission in Bengal between 1800 and 1823.
The time for a full-orbed missiological, multi-disciplinary analysis of the work of the renowned trio -- William Carey, William Ward and Joshua Marshman -- has come.
Front row (from left): Tom Ennis, John Synnott, Jack Carey, William Robbins, Stephen Synnott, Tom Fitzgerald
(1.) william Carey, william Ward, and Marshman were sent by the Baptist Missionary Society and are usually identified as the Serampore Trio.
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Attributing the information in question to Carey, Williams wrote, "Now Persis is quietly putting out the word in the investment community that it plans to leave the newspaper business completely."