Caribbean Festival

Caribbean Festival (Feast of Fire)

The annual Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba, also known as the Feast of Fire, is dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural traditions of the Caribbean. Casa del Caribe, a cultural center in Santiago de Cuba, organizes the event, along with several other Cuban groups. In addition to numerous performances of music and dancing, there are exhibitions of culinary arts, painting, crafts, drama, religious rituals, and poetry. Each year the festival gives special focus to one of the Caribbean countries. There are academic conferences that explore ways to promote and develop cultural understanding among the Caribbean nations and workshops on storytelling, music, and other traditional arts. Awards are presented to those who have made notable contributions to the culture of the region. Thousands of people from many nations attend the event, enjoying the street festivities and performances at the four main stages and many smaller venues. The "Serpent Parade" is a high point of the Festival, with throngs of dancing people winding their way through the streets of Santiago de Cuba.
Casa del Caribe
Calle 13 no. 154
Vista Alegre
Santiago, Cuba
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The 14th edition of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) ended here on Sunday night with the country's Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, saying there had been significant achievements during the 11 day event.
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Gaskin, said she noticed after moving to Worcester from Boston a few years ago that the city had a vibrant and growing Caribbean community, but, oddly, no Caribbean festival like the ones in Boston and Cambridge and many other cities. TODAY-TOMORROW: Get down to the Notting Hill Carnival, London's famous Caribbean festival and the largest street party in Europe.
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