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Grows up to 30ft (10m) High in vitamin A, B, C, carotenoids, fiber, phytochemicals, phenols, enzymes and anti-fungals. Ripe fruit can be eaten with skin and seeds. Unripe fruit is usually cooked. Young leaves also edible and used against malaria. Seeds are anti-parasite and can be ground and used like black pepper. Fruit is high in papain, a proteindigesting enzyme. Green papayas used in some parts of the world as a contraceptive and abortive if eaten in large amounts. Seeds even used for male contraception. Reduces effects of progesterone. Papaya juice used for cancer therapy. Papayas are used for E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella and other infections, both bacterial and viral. Great for digestion, indigestion, gas, heartburn, helps digest food. A great desert simply cut open, squeeze lemon on top, spoon fresh out of skin.
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The effect of Carica papaya leaves extract capsules on platelets count and hematocrit level in dengue fever patient.
Preliminary Hypoglycemic And Hypolipidemic Activities Of Aqueous Seed Extract Of Carica Papaya Linn In Wistar Rats.
As demais especies que tambem se destacaram foram: Cocus nucifera (coco), Annona muricata (graviola), Carica papaya (mamao), Citrus limonia (limao), sendo utilizadas na alimentacao das familias e com ocorrencia nos QAFs.
9 Another study reports use of Carica papaya leaf juice (CPLJ) in 60 dengue patients hospitalized as well as outdoor it was observed that CPLJ brought speedy recovery with great beneficial effects.
Papain is derived from the tropical plant Carica Papaya and is widely used for meat tenderisation, flavour production, yeast hydrolysis and much more.
Two of the formulations were simple, as for instance Leaves of Colocasia esculenta were used to treat diabetes, and the unripe fruits of Carica papaya used to treat jaundice.
They turned to two materials readily available in some developing countries - one was kaolinite clay, used to make ceramics, paint, paper and other products, and the other: seeds of the Carica papaya fruit.
in which Carica papaya seed extract caused androgen deprivation in male rats leading to alterations in the internal milieu of the cauda epididymis (7).
Alstonia broonai and Carica papaya are among the local medicinal plants used by the middle-belt and south-western people of Nigeria to treat malaria.