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see Caribbean Community and Common MarketCaribbean Community and Common Market
(CARICOM), organization founded by the Treaty of Chaguaramas (Trinidad; 1973, revised 2001) and including Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti (suspended 2004–6), Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint
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CARICOM, by virtue of its commitment to improving the economic, social, cultural and technological advancement of Caribbean people remains a beacon in this regard.
NAARC recognized the extraordinary value of the vision/mission of CARICOM in establishing the Reparations Commission and pledged to support the commission in its milestone programmatic and mobilizing/organizing work in whatever ways are feasible.
Equatorial Guinea's participation in Caricom reflects the country's commitment toward development and playing a bigger role in the international community.
The Commentary proposes that Canada work with CARICOM to address concerns about the ability of firms in the Caribbean to benefit from more open trade with Canada.
CARICOM is unique among most regional organizations in that it seeks to establish not only a trade association but something more expansive, as illustrated in the centrality of the single economic market of the community.
As nations committed to the values of freedom, democracy, and peace, CARICOM Member States and the U.
The report cited the Regional Task Force on Crime and Security as an important step by Caricom to deal with emerging regional security issues.
A deal signed in 2000 by the communist-led country and the regional bloc, also known as Caricom, slashed or eliminated duty on items including electrical products, construction materials and pharmaceuticals.
A likely scenario would have the Andean Pact and Mercosur form a trade pact, while CACM and Caricom join NAFTA.
Interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue appealed to Caricom leaders, who are scheduled to meet in Trinidad on Feb.