Karl Friedrich Lessing

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Lessing, Karl Friedrich


Born Feb. 15, 1808, in Breslau, present-day Wroclaw, Poland; died June 5, 1880, in Karlsruhe. German painter.

In 1826, Lessing settled in Düsseldorf, where he attended the Academy of Art; after 1858 he lived in Karlsruhe. A prominent representative of the Düsseldorf school, he painted romantic landscapes (Mountain Landscape, 1847, Museum of Fine Art, Leipzig) and large historical canvases, in which he sought to achieve historically and psychologically truthful portrayals. The pictures devoted to the Hussite Movement (Hussite Sermon, 1836, National Gallery, Berlin) show the influence of the rise of the German democratic movement. F. Engels welcomed Lessing’s inclination toward socialist ideas.


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