Carl Gustav Carus

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Carus, Carl Gustav


Born Jan. 3, 1789, in Leipzig; died July 28, 1869, in Dresden. German biologist and physician.

Carus was a professor at the Saxon Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Dresden. From 1862 to 1863 he was president of the Leopoldina, the German Academy of Natural Sciences in Halle. His main works dealt with the comparative anatomy of the nervous system, blood circulation in insects, and the development of muscles. Carus was the author of textbooks on anatomy, zoology, physiology, and gynecology.


Lehrbuch der Zootomie. Leipzig, 1818.
Grundziige der vergleichenden Anatomie und Physiologic vols. 1–3. Dresden, 1828.
In Russian translation:
Osnovaniia kranioskopii. St. Petersburg, 1844.
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