Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

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Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

(fē`lĭp ĕmä`no͞oĕl bäkh), 1714–88, German composer; second son of J. S. Bach, his only teacher. While harpsichordist at the court of Frederick the Great, where his chief duty for 28 years (1738–67) was to accompany the monarch's performances on the flute, he wrote an important work on technique, Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments (1753, tr. 1949). After this artistically unsatisfying service with Frederick, Bach succeeded his godfather, Georg Philipp Telemann, as musical director at Hamburg. His 2 volumes of sonatas (1742–43) and his 20 symphonies established the typical classical forms of such works and powerfully influenced both Haydn and Beethoven. He also composed other keyboard music and sacred choral music. His craftsmanship was outstanding in the period between the baroque and classical periods.


See biography by E. Eugene Helm (1989).

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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was a methodical and responsible man, well organized and reliable.
The story of the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach sources at the Library of Congress consists of several different threads, each spun out of the interests and motivations of musicians and collectors over nearly three hundred years.
Also available is a facsimile edition of Bach's keyboard music: The Collected Works for Solo Keyboard by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, 1714-1788, ed.
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Since the discovery in 1999 of the Berlin Singakademie archive in Kiev, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach has finally begun to receive the recognition he deserves as a composer of vocal music.
Bach exist to this point, and only one has previously been attempted: Oxford University Press's Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Edition, undertaken between 1982 and 1995, of which only four volumes were ever published.
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In addition, Bach mentions in his autobiography which canons and examples by him appear in volume 3 of Marpurg's Abhandlung von der Fuge (Wolfgang Horn, "Friedrich Wilhelm Marburg, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach und das Duo in contrapuncto Wq.
For instance, a degree of uncertainty over the number of compositions written by Bach stems from the discrepancy between the music found in extant sources and the compositions listed in Bach's obituary written by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and student Johann Friedrich Agricola.
Reinagle, who had also come to Philadelphia from London, wrote numerous keyboard pieces in the style of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, and served for many years as music director of the city's New Theatre at Chestnut Street.
Certainly no one would deny that such a designation applies to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the most illustrious of Johann Sebastian's children.