Carleton University

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Carleton University,

at Ottawa, Ont., Canada; nonsectarian; coeducational; founded 1942 as Carleton College. It achieved university status in 1957. It has faculties of arts, social sciences, science, engineering, and graduate studies, as well as the Centre for Applied Languages and Paterson Centre for International Programs.
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IPDET is managed jointly by Carleton University and the World Bank Groups Independent Evaluation Group.
India is a key undergraduate student market for Canadian universities," said Robert Finlayson of Carleton University and Tour Director.
The Performative Power of Naming: The Use of "Gay-Straight Alliance" in Debate over Ontario's Accepting School Act (Bill 13), Carleton University.
The conference, titled "The Contemporary Awakening and Imam Khomeini's Thoughts," was organized by the Iranian embassy in Ottawa and the Iranian Cultural Association of Carleton University, a student group headed by Ehsan Mohammadi, son of Hamid Mohammadi, who is the cultural counselor at the Iranian embassy in Ottawa.
8220;In particular I would like to thank the Canadian National Research Council for their early support of the development as well as the Technology Innovation Management team at Carleton University for their mentoring and skillful guidance of my company.
Fen Hampson is Chancellor's Professor and director of The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University.
Summary: Canada's Carleton University will not rehire sociology professor Hassan Diab, an alleged bomber of the Rue Copernic Synagogue.
Summary: A high level academic delegation from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada is aecurrently in Libya to establish academic cooperation with Libyan universities.
Stewart, Carleton University, Deri Armstrong, Catherine A.
She brings a keen interest in public justice issues to this post, is a graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor of Humanities degree, and is a member of Unionville Presbyterian Church.
Wilson, Professor of Religion at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, notes that a study of "apostasy remains a desideratum" and seeks "to draw attention to as broad a range of evidence" as possible and evaluate its implications (p.

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