Carlos María de Bustamante

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Bustamante, Carlos María de


Born Nov. 4, 1774, in Oaxaca; died Sept. 21, 1848, in Mexico City. Mexican historian and political figure. He participated in the War of Independence in Mexico (1810-21). In 1822 he became a deputy to the National Congress. He opposed the aggression of the USA against Mexico in the second quarter of the 19th century. He wrote many works on Mexican history, the most famous being A Historic Description of the Revolution in Mexican America. Bustamante is one of the founders of the liberal branch in Mexican historiography.


Cuadro histórico de la revolución de América Mexicana, vols. 1-6. Mexico City, 1823-32.
Continuación del cuadro histórico de la revolución mexicano, vols. 1-4. Mexico City, 1953-63.