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Carlotta, Span. Carlota (kärlōˈtä), 1840–1927, empress of Mexico, daughter of Leopold I of Belgium, christened Marie Charlotte Amélie. She married (1857) Maximilian, archduke of Austria and accompanied him when he went to Mexico as emperor (1864). After Napoleon III decided to withdraw the French troops from Mexico and the fate of the empire became apparent, she went to Europe (1866) and sought the aid of Napoleon III and the pope. Her pleas were in vain, and she broke down under the strain of her failure. The Mexican empire ended with the execution of Maximilian in 1867, but the unhappy empress survived him by 60 years.


See studies by E. Corti (1928, repr. 1976), J. Haslip (1971), and J. Taylor (1976).

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Those who heard her say that her voice, in these passages, was seraphic; but this was nothing to the superhuman notes that she gave forth in the prison scene and the final trio in FAUST, which she sang in the place of La Carlotta, who was ill.
Till then, Christine Daae had played a good Siebel to Carlotta's rather too splendidly material Margarita.
Carlotta Colli Joey Aguilar Inspiring people and raising awareness on the most pressing issues of the times, including environment protection and sustainability, have always been at the core of Italian design, an Italian embassy official has said.
Other than Tow Wasil, an Egyptian animated film called 'Kabthat Rieh' (Arabic for 'Fist of Wind') won the first prize for films, 'Late Season' from Austria won the prize for best short film, and 'Carlotta's Face' from Germany won the prize for best experimental creative work.
The delegation was headed by SDA's Vice General Secretariat Dr Andrea Vincenzoni in the presence of Deputy Head of the mission at the Italian embassy to Qatar, Carlotta Colli, said a press release.
Natalie Hall played Princess Carlotta in the film, and she wore a few clothing items that likely reminded viewers of Markle's own closet.
The star and his professional partner Carlotta Edwards received their marching orders during yesterday's show, following a skate-off against Saira Khan.
But he is sure he won't be falling for his glamorous skating partner Carlotta Edwards, 29 - despite their sexy routines.
In addition to her role as a juvenile prosecutor, Carlotta Woodward is a mentor and teacher.
Take, for example, the contrast in voice and character between the female leads, Carlotta and Christine.
In conjunction with Lally's retirement, Carlotta Chan, the current manager of investor relations, will assume the leadership of PSEG Investor Relations.