Carlsbad Decrees

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Carlsbad Decrees,

1819, resolutions adopted by the ministers of German states at a conference at Carlsbad that was convened and dominated by Prince MetternichMetternich, Clemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Fürst von
, 1773–1859, Austrian statesman and arbiter of post-Napoleonic Europe, b. Koblenz, of a noble Rhenish family.
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 following the murder of August von KotzebueKotzebue, August von
, 1761–1819, German dramatist and politician. He wrote some 200 plays, including Menschenhass und Reue (1789, tr. The Stranger, 1798), Die Spanier in Peru; oder, Rollas Tod (1795, tr.
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 by a student. The decrees provided for uniform press censorship and close supervision of the universities, with the aim of suppressing all liberal agitation against the conservative governments of Germany, particularly by the student organizations. The resolutions, ratified by the diet of the German Confederation, remained in force until 1848.
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This was tried in the German Confederation in 1819 with the Carlsbad Decrees and set socialpolitical development back for several decades in much of the German-speaking region.
He does this by taking four cuts into the history of German radicalism: the first involving the Jacobin episode in Mainz in 1792-93, together with the cognate histories in Baden and Wurttemberg in the later 1790s; the second focusing on the mainly student radicalism of the Restoration period after 1814, culminating in the repressive Carlsbad Decrees of 1819; the third surveying the radical upsurge of 1830-34 in response to the 1830 French Revolution, concentrating on the southwest, but also incorporating central Germany and Hanover; and the last concerning the story of the 1848 revolution in the southwest.

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