Carlton Club

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Carlton Club,

British political and social club (founded 1832). Located in London, it was long the center of the Conservative party organization. Since World War II the club has been primarily social.
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Another haunt was the Carlton Club in Erdington which later became Mothers.
Were all the white men who usually populate such shows accidentally locked in the Carlton Club? Some of the ladies wore suit jackets in a bid to pass as men but their highpitched voices gave them away.
Gabelli Value Plus+ Trust plc (LSE:GVP) disclosed on Tuesday that its first Annual General Meeting will take place on 21 July 2016, at the Carlton Club, 69 St James's Street, London SW1A 1PJ, at 11.00 hours.
That it was uttered in the posh Carlton Club, where Tories retire to discuss business and complain about the workers getting uppity only serves to underline the privilege of an arrogant Prime Minister who believes he was born to rule.
TUESDAY Noon, RMA Tyneside Branch, Carlton Club, Low Fell, Gateshead.
Prior to Mother's, the venue was previously known as the Carlton Club, one of the homes of the burgeoning Brum Beat music scene of the 50s and 60s.
"While it is a night in the cell for the yobs, it is a night at the Carlton Club for the chief whip," he said.
Ken Clarke called the government "bewildering" and compared its policies to an "alphabet soup" in a speech to the Tory Reform Group at the Carlton Club in London.
At the time, the company, that is run by a Conservative Party donor was seeking inroads into Libya, and the British daily The Telegraph has revealed that while the conflict was raging in Libya, Hague had a meeting in the Carlton club in London with met Mr Christian Sweeting, a representative of Heritage Oil.
The Sri Lankan High Commission in the United Kingdom organized an event at the prestigious Carlton Club where the Minister and the delegation met the members of the British Chamber and the Sri Lankan diaspora.
Just six days after arriving in the country, that's the first test awaiting the 22-year old all-rounder from the Carlton club in Melbourne today.
She says that although clubs such as Cardiff and County and London's Carlton Club are usually the main targets of criticism, workingmen's clubs are just as pernicious.