Carman, William Bliss

Carman, William Bliss


Born Apr. 15, 1861, in Freder-icton; died June 8, 1929, in New Canaan, Conn. Canadian poet. Wrote in English.

Carman graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1883. He lived in the USA from 1908 to 1925. Carman’s collections Low Tide on Grand Pre (1893) and Songs From Vagabondia (1894–1901) are marked by an elegiac mood. More interesting are the collections From the Book of Myths (1902), Sappho (1903), and Songs of the Children of the Sea (1904). Carman is also the author of collections entitled Poems (1904) and Last Poems (1921). He saw the ideal of human existence in unity with nature (“White Gull”). Carman belonged to the Confederation group of romantic poets.


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