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the common name for South American Indians of three language families—the Jet, Puelche, and Chon—who inhabited the southern part of Argentina (the pampas and Patagonia). Most of the Patagones were exterminated by Argentinian colonizers in the 19th century.

Members of the Tehuelche tribe (of the Chon group), who lived south of the Chubut River, were the first to be called “Patagones.” The name was given to the tribe by Magellan’s expedition in the 16th century and means “big feet.”


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The boat was 25 nautical miles off the city of Carmen de Patagones and the navy said it was sending an H3 Sea King helicopter with a medical team and divers.
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The first Argentine settlement, Carmen de Patagones, was founded by the Spanish on the banks of the Rio Negro in 1779.
the companies that provide cable television service to the cities of Viedma, Rio Negro Province and Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.