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a. a vivid red colour, sometimes with a purplish tinge
b. (as adjective): carmine paint



a red dye extracted from the bodies of wingless female cochineal insects. Carmine, a complex organic carminic acid, is extracted from the insects with hot water and acetic acid. It is soluble in water and alkalies. One gram of carmine is obtained from 150-175 insects. Carmine is used as a food coloring and a cosmetic dye. It is also used to stain microscopic specimens.

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The campaign is perfectly timed to help backers pre-book Carmine for themselves and as a Thanksgiving gift and to ensure that the customized Carmines and other rewards are delivered in December.
The mission for Carmine is to create a community where every woman driver is prepared to avoid vehicle breakdowns, tire damage and avoidable situations with full knowledge about her own car's exact requirements.
According to BMO, Carmines will focus primarily on business development in the Greater Washington Area, Maryland and Virginia, although he will also have responsibilities for the surrounding states as well.
Carmines has a banking career that spans 28 years with 24 of those years managing Automobile Dealer relationships.
Carmines was hired by the company as director of commercial dealership finance.
Carmines and Sniderman assume that is true unless proven otherwise.
Sniderman and Carmines complicate this basic argument in interesting ways by comparing liberals and conservatives, those who admit to racial prejudice and those who claim to "like blacks," and other basic groups.
In order to understand the true feelings of liberals, Sniderman and Carmines devised what they call the "List Experiment.
The brainchild of local entrepreneur Carmine Giardini and the vision of Chef Sean McDonald, the new restaurant will ".