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KMgCl3·6H2O A milky-white or reddish mineral that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and occurs in deliquescent masses; it is valuable as an ore of potassium.



(named after the German geologist R. von Car-nall, 1804–74), a mineral, a complex hydrated chloride of magnesium and potassium with composition KCl -MgCl2’6H2O. It usually also has insignificant amounts of Br, Li, Rb, Cs, and mechanical particles of clay minerals, hematite, and hydrated oxides of iron. Carnallite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and usually forms granular aggregates with halite, sylvite, and other salt deposit minerals. It is colorless or tinted murky brown, reddish pink, and other colors as a result of impurities contained in it. Carnallite is hygroscopic and characterized by a bitter salty burning taste. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 2–3; it has a density of 1, 600 kg/m3. It is one of the principal minerals in potassium salt deposits. The largest deposit in the USSR is at Solikamsk in the Urals. Major deposits abroad are found in the German Democratic Republic (Stassfurt, Aschersleben), the Federal Republic of Germany, the United States, and Tunisia.

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Carnallite, Sylvite And Other Crude Natural Potassium Salts: International Trade Prospects For 2009-2012
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Chinese Carnallite Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
50 lakh tonnes a year, increasing to six lakh tonnes a year produced by the KRN s Wynyard Carnallite Project in Canada for a period of 20 years starting from commercial production.
Hydrated chlorites other than carnallite (such as bischofite), brines and seawater also represent important Mg resources.
Drilling will target a large carnallite resource hosted within the Muribeca Formation.
THE EUROPEAN Investment Bank (EIB) is planning to lend Canada's MagIndustries Corp Euro 13 million to help develop a potash plant, a magnesium smelter and rehabilitate hydro-electric power station units serving carnallite (magnesium ore) and salt deposits, at Kouilou, Pointe Noire, Congo (Brazzaville).
The evaporite beds are mainly sylvinite (co-deposited sylvite and halite) with carnallite in places.
This Wynyard Carnallite Project win demonstrates that clients continue to value our expertise and strengths in executing projects in remote locations, where we utilize modularization, lean construction and innovative methodologies to deliver a cost-effective execution strategy," said Umberto della Sala, Chief Operating Officer, Foster Wheeler AG.
As far as we understand this area has a highrisk for sink holes (according to Russian Railways, the accident happenedas a result of collapse in the soil near a carnallite course), and thus theaccident came as no big surprise.
Bulk potash is water soluble and is typically composed of more than 98% potassium chloride (KCl) but it also contains small amounts of sodium chloride (NaCl) and carnallite (KMg[Cl.
The highly saline water in the APC salt ponds is slowly evaporated by the heat of the sun to produce a mineral-rich slurry called carnallite, which is then processed into potash at the Safi refinery.