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Carnegie Mellon University,

at Pittsburgh, Pa.; est. 1967 through the merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (founded 1900, opened 1905) and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research (founded 1913). Carnegie Mellon, which also has campuses at Moffett Field, Calif., Doha, Qatar, and Kigali, Rwanda, has seven schools and colleges and more than 110 research institutes and centers. The university was the first in the United States to offer academic degrees in the field of drama.
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Carnegie Mellon University

(body, education)
(CMU) A university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. School of Computer Science.
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Ken Keeley, placement director at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, affirmed that of the 190 graduates of the Class of 2000 [33 of which include all minorities], only five opted for entrepreneurial careers.
Carnegie Melon's MBA's hiring packages will often include end-of-year performance bonuses, in addition to the standard stock options and relocation packages.
based company partly owned by Knowledge University and backed by Michael Milken and Oracle Corp., is starting a virtual university called Cardean, delivering courses designed with help from Columbia University, Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Carnegie Melon University and the London School of Business.
Education: University of Pittsburgh; Carnegie Melon University; Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.
Bellcore accepted Carnegie Melon's proposal, in part, because of the university's record of encouraging research in areas that cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines, and because of its academic strength in each of the critical areas of study.
Carnegie Melon Caps Computer Chess Championship It was creme de la creme at ACM's 19th North American Computer Chess Championship held late last year at the Supercomputing '88 Conference in Orlando, Florida.
The average privacy policy was 2,514 words long, Carnegie Melon researchers ( found in 2012.
The QSTP has been running the TIEP programme, which was formerly known as Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (CIEP), in collaboration with Carnegie Melon University since 2007.
The above smiley face, which represents eyes, a nose and a smiling mouth, was invented in 1982 by Scott Fahlman, currently a research professor specializing in artificial intelligence at Carnegie Melon School of Computer Science.
As a former assistant director of admissions at Carnegie Melon's Heinz School and former member of the admission board at Harvard Business School, she lent a critical eye to tons of applications.
Research on Internet Suspend/ Resume (ISR) being conducted by Intel R&D near Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh.
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