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carnivore (kärˈnəvôrˌ), term commonly applied to any animal whose diet consists wholly or largely of animal matter. In animal systematics it refers to members of the mammalian order Carnivora (see Chordata). This large order is divided into two suborders, the Fissipedia, or land carnivores, and the Pinnipedia, or fin-footed carnivores. The Fissipedia encompasses two superfamilies: one (Canoidea) includes the dog, bear, raccoon, and weasel families and the other (Feloidea) includes the cat, civet, and hyena families. The Pinnipedia, often classified as a separate order, includes the seal, sea lion, and walrus families. The term herbivore refers to animals whose diets consist wholly or largely of plant matter; omnivore refers to animals that eat both animal and plant matter. Unlike the term carnivore, these terms do not refer to any one group in animal systematics.


See R. F. Ewer, The Carnivores (1986); J. L. Gittleman, Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution (1989).

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1. any placental mammal of the order Carnivora, typically having large pointed canine teeth and sharp molars and premolars, specialized for eating flesh. The order includes cats, dogs, bears, raccoons, hyenas, civets, and weasels
2. any other animal or any plant that feeds on animals
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A network analyzer used by the FBI that analyzes email packets of suspected criminals. Officially known as DCS100, FBI agents bring Windows 2000 PCs with the Carnivore software installed into an ISP and plug them into a switch port. Carnivore was designed to capture all email packets as they originated as well as be able to hone in on just the suspected user without reading packets from others. See network analyzer.
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Researchers from the United States and Canada found the fossilized skeleton of a newly discovered carnivorous animal, Puijila darwini.
This implies that the Creator intended that the naturally carnivorous animals like lions and tigers, would live on the bodies of other animals like cows, buffalos, and deer, as their natural right.
This stunningly illustrated and easy-to-use field guide covers every species of the world's carnivorous animals, from the gray wolf of North America to the dholes of Asia, from African jackals to the South American bush dog.
"The incidents we are talking about are of carnivorous animals and not the regular average animals that are banned from homes like sheep, goats and rabbits but continue to be raised due to cleanliness issues and noise besides damages to property.
Stock of meat for carnivorous animals and other food are being depleted.
Built by the National Zoological Department, the park consists of six zones, two for herbivorous and four for carnivorous animals. Built at a cost of Rs.1.6 billion, the park has animal hospitals, reserved parking areas and a vast road network.
He said the meat intake of carnivorous animals like tigers, panthers, jaguars and lions is reduced by 1- 2 kg during summer.
One reason was the carnivorous animals' rivalry for prey as food in the same areas, the researchers say, adding that another could simply be that the cats were more efficient predators than most of the extinct species in the dog family.
Generally, all carnivorous animals find it difficult to cope with heat but lions are an exception.
SARAH Evans has joined four other senior keepers on the big cats section where she'll be caring for carnivorous animals including lions, tigers, snow leopards, hunting dogs, lynx, meerkats and sealions.
Carnivorous animals also get plenty of folate, because they consume herbivorous animals.
Snow Leopards Foundation seeks to work for conservation of snow leopards and other wild carnivorous animals across Pakistan, while improving the lives of people who live in the neighborhood of their habitats.