parking lot

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parking lot

US and Canadian an area or building reserved for parking cars

Parking lot

An area on the ground surface used for parking vehicles; may be paved or unpaved.

parking lot

[′pärk·iŋ ‚lät]
(civil engineering)
An outdoor lot for parking automobiles.

parking lot, car park

An area set aside for parking motor vehicles. The net area of a parking facility is the area devoted to parking places and circulation aisles. In a multi-story parking facility the gross area also includes the building’s service cores and exit stairs.

Parking Lot

These are interesting symbols and many people have requested including the dictionary. Traveling is a very common theme in our dreams, and traveling in a car the most common. Traveling in a vehicle generally represents our journey through life, or a portion of it. Finding yourself in a garage or a parking lot can be interpreted in several different ways. First, consider the content of your dream and your current dilemma or situation in life. The parked car could represent a period of inactivity and indecision in your life. The dream could be pointing out that you have been idle for a period of time and that it may be a good time to “get a move on.” The more positive interpretation of this dream may be that the parked car is symbolic of a reflective period or mood. You may be in “park” for a while so that you can rest, relax, regroup, and think things over.
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The victim then immediately brought the matter to the management of the hotel for a possible review of the CCTV camera at the carpark.
Unable to directly approach her due to her unstable condition, for fear she may suddenly jump, the authorities chose to blast her with a water cannon so that she would fall safely backwards onto the carpark roof.
ALEC Energy design and engineering carparks have been designed to suit electric car charging stations, using the Porsche e-mobility concept, one of the first of its kind in the UAE.
Cars were seen worming in and out of tight spaces in the free carpark lots directly opposite the World Trade Centreon Sunday.
Fundraising towards the carpark started in July and has raised PS2,000 so far.
Yes ,I know we can park on streets so what is the difference between that and using a disabled parking spot in a carpark.
It's hoped the picture - showing the word "BUSTER" - could help trace the 37-year-old after a man was slashed across the arm neck and face with a glass, in the carpark outside the West Wylam Inn.
Measure shortest two-task distance (disabled carpark to supermarket, chemist, return to carpark) in the same 30 settings in the Auckland region.
The carpark can reach maximum capacity in a matter of minutes during peak prayer times, and major traffic congestion results," said Jason Lewis, founder and managing director of Limah Design Consultants.
Long-term parking in the main carpark adjacent to the terminal is illogical and logistically a nightmare for anyone picking up family and friends or doing an overnight business trip.
I was walking down a track towards the beach carpark when I caught sight of them.
BUNGLING workers made a tidy job of laying tar in a new carpark - until they reached Ann Barker's motor.