Carrera Andrade, Jorge

Carrera Andrade, Jorge


Born Sept. 28, 1903, in Quito. Ecuadorian poet.

Carrera Andrade served in the diplomatic corps from 1929 to 1949. He is the author of the books of verse The Unspoken Pond (1922), Garland of Silence (1926), News From Sea and Land (1930), Period of Labor (1935), Verses Like Life (1962), Man of the Planet (1963), and Chronicle of the Indies (1965). His favorite theme is philosophical reflections on nature. Carrera Andrade also wrote travel sketches, literary essays, and works on the history of Ecuador: A Gallery of Mystics and Rebels (1959) and The Fairy-tale Kingdom of Quito (1963).


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In Russian translation:
[“Stikhi.”] Inostrannaia literatura, 1965, no. 2.


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