Carriage Return

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carriage return

[′kar·ij ri′tərn]
(computer science)
The operation that causes the next character to be printed at the extreme left margin, and usually advances to the next line at the same time.

Carriage Return

(CR, Control-M, ASCII 13) The character which causes the cursor to move to the left margin, often used with line feed to start a new line of output.

Encoded in C and Unix as "\r".
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SYNTAX ERROR" messages may appear during execution, most likely because a line was not numbered or a carriage return was omitted.
The opaque button can be removed by choosing Message from the Go menu and typing "magic" in the message box followed by a carriage return.
CALLNUM[BER,',',TITLE * This will output each call number, * followed by a comma, then the title, * followed by a hard carriage return.
SocketScan enables the creation of prefixes and suffixes, such as Tab or Carriage Return, to further eliminate keystrokes in the data collection process.
The printed guide (but not the screen) instructs you to hit the carriage return for an alphabetically arranged list of profiles containing the word.
Real time search/replace -- find unlimited files across multiple directories to eliminate wait times for cumbersome indexing and gain access to files with recent changes -- Expanded use of Regular Expressions, including Form feed, Line break, Carriage return, Horizontal tab, Literal question mark, period, asterisk, backslash, colon and many more -- Integration with virtually all commonly used software development environments for easy access to powerful search functions without leaving your IDE.
This is because each line is transmitted with a carriage return at the end of it; therefore, the text is unable tO wrap.
Each line in the address is a field, that is, each field is separated by a carriage return.