Carriage Return

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carriage return

[′kar·ij ri′tərn]
(computer science)
The operation that causes the next character to be printed at the extreme left margin, and usually advances to the next line at the same time.

Carriage Return

(CR, Control-M, ASCII 13) The character which causes the cursor to move to the left margin, often used with line feed to start a new line of output.

Encoded in C and Unix as "\r".
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Passengers will hear about the tales of Ibn Battuta as they tour around Katara's alleyways, including a tour of the 'market', after which the carriage returns to Gate 12 to pick up new passengers.
The contract covers the transport of hot and cold food, groceries and carriage returns.
For example, carriage returns and tabs are now permitted.
The various sections are text files with end-of-line carriage returns and I suggest that you use a non-proportional font when you read it as this lines up the text and tables.