Carter, Herbert Dayson

Carter, Herbert Dayson


Born Feb. 2, 1910, in St. John, New Brunswick. Canadian writer and public figure. Writes in English.

Carter became editor in 1956 of the progressive monthly Northern Neighbors, which sheds light on life in the Soviet Union. His book Russia’s Secret Weapon (1942) deals with the future of Soviet science. In 1950 he published the antifascist novel The Future for Us (Russian translation, 1952). Carter’s Sons Without Fathers (1955; Russian translation, 1958) was the first Canadian novel to depict a workers’ collective. Author of We Saw Socialism (1951–52; with Charlotte Carter), a book about the USSR, Carter also describes life in the Soviet Union in The Great Lie (1958), written in answer to a slanderous campaign against the USSR, and Hope of the World. His other books include Science and Revolution (1966) and The Power of the Workers (1970).


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