Carteret Islands

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Carteret Islands,

Papua New Guinea: see TulunTulun
inhabited atoll, Papua New Guinea, SW Pacific, in the N Solomons Islands chain 45 mi (72 km) NE of Buka. Also known as the Carteret Islands, Carteret Atoll, and Kilinailau, the atoll is about 12 mi (19 km) in diameter and contains seven islands.
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PAPUA NEW GUINEA: In 2007, the government of Papua New Guinea, along with the autonomous government of Bougainville, decided to resettle the 2,500 inhabitants of the Carteret atoll and neighboring atolls to the island of Bougainville.
In the past visitors to the Carteret atolls were welcomed by the community as the islanders believed that publicising their plight to the outside world would bring much needed help.
The seas around the Carteret atolls off Papua New Guinea have cut one island in half and left 1,500 people dependent on food aid.