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Once the centre of the Carthaginian empire, the Romans later took over and the colosseum they built at El Jem is better preserved than the one in Rome.
Historical themes figure too: the Greek origin of the Geryon myth, the Carthaginian Empire in Spain, and Carthaginian mining in Spain.
The capital city, Tunis, sits roughly on the same ground as the ancient Carthaginian Empire, rivals to the early Roman Empire before their eventual defeat in 146 BC.
SPECTACULAR: The new Hasdrubal Prestige hotel in Tunisia STUNN S ING: The thalassotherapy spa at the Residence Hotel in Tunisia's unisia s capital city of Tunisiaunisia IMPRESSIVE: The spectacular new Hasdrubal Prestige hotel boasts Tunisia's biggest thalassotherapy spa HISTORIC: The view over the one of the spectacular Punic ports from the ancient Carthaginian empire at Tunis.