jewelry firm founded by Alfred and Louis Cartier in Paris (1898). [Fr. Hist.: EB, 10: 177]
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SOVEREIGN'S 33-1 shock success in Saturday's Irish Derby at the Curragh has put him firmly into the mix for Cartier's Three-Year-Old Colt honours.
Adjacent to Katara Cultural Village, the location of Cartier's new boutique highlights its long-lasting tis with arts and culture.
Tribune News Network Doha Cartier's new boutique in Doha joins the Maison's local offering with a focus on tradition, privacy and exclusivity at its 21 High st.
In a statement on Cartier's official website, Bayombong said she launched the program to cater to students from low-income and poor families.
Princess Maha added: "Cartier's global efforts as well as the great heart and commitment of the entire Cartier team were so very apparent in the spectacular exhibition created, as evidenced by the great care taken in preparation of the historic venue for the evening's event."
The Guirlande De Cartier handbag, much like Cartier's jewellery cases, stands out from all the others with its unique features: a geometric form made up of 8 clean-cut sides, put together with smooth calfskin leather in rich colours of red, green or black, giving the perfect holiday season feels!
Also, Cartier's centrally located flagship store at Norrmalmstorg will contribute to reinforcing Bibliotekstan as the foremost shopping destination in Scandinavia.
Cartier's product is a combination of genius designs and intricate craftsmanship that has over the last two centuries enjoyed a continuous presence among the world's premier luxury brands.
Harry Herbert, Cartier's racing consultant, commented: "QIPCO British Champions Day has firmly established itself as one of the great fixtures in the calendar and this year's renewal produced truly memorable races.
This year, Cartier's focus is on the filigree, the decorative art invented in 3000 BC by the
The Cle--which comes in a 40 mm size for men and in 31 mm and 3 5 mm versions for women--has accomplished the rare feat of being a new, attention-grabbing watch while appearing to have been part of Cartier's rich past all along.
Cartier's mysterious double tourbillon makes another landmark addition to its rich repertoire